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    Aion : Tower od Eternity

    Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Korean: 아이온: 영원의 탑), known also as The Tower of AION (タワー オブ アイオン?) in Japan is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released by NCsoft, a major Korean game developer. Aion was (up until May 20, 2009)[citation needed] known as "Aion: The Tower of Eternity" but it was released in North America under the one-word title of Aion. The game combines PvP and PvE (a concept the developers call PvPvE) in a fantasy game environment. As of May 20, 2009, Aion has 3.5 million subscibers in Asia.

    In the beginning, Aion benevolently watched over his world Atreia. He created the humans, and the Balaur to safeguard and watch over them. Eventually, the Balaur became obsessed with power and subjugation. Five of the Balaur rose to a height of strength above the rest, and became known as the five Dragon Lords. When Aion refused to grant them the power they desired, the power to rival his own, they revolted and declared war on the god that created them. Aion's hand was forced, and he created the twelve Empyrean Lords, beings of divinity and power to protect the Tower of Eternity.

    Some humans "ascended" to become Daeva and, like the Empyrean Lords, had wings and the ability to fight the Balaur. With time, enough Daevas rose to form an army. The Empyrean Lords would lead the Daeva into battle and fight ceaselessly. Eventually an attempt at peace with the Balaur was made. The five Dragon Lords were invited inside the barrier for peace talks, but before the peace-talks could begin, one of the Dragon Lords was slain by an unknown assailant. In the fighting that followed, the Tower of Eternity was destroyed, resulting in the cataclysm that broke Atreia in half. Those Empyrean Lords who opposed peace came to power in the dark part of the world, and became known as the Shedim Lords. Those who had desired peace became the Seraphim Lords and ruled over the lower half of Atreia.

    Those that lived in the light part of the world, the Elyos, saw little change. These followers of the Seraphim Lords created the city of Sanctum. The inhabitants of the upper part, the Asmodians, saw many changes. Their hands became claw-like, their feet became talons. The darkness made their complexion deepen, and their eyes grew red adapting to the absence of light. They live in the city of Pandaemonium under the rule of the Shedim Lords.

    Players begin the game as human inhabitants of their chosen world (Elysea or Asmodae) who are basic mercenaries/raiders, given small tasks to accomplish. Through completing these tasks increasing in magnitude, preventing the Balaur from being summoned to the beginning zone, they "ascend" as winged, immortal Daevas. Characters then travel their respective capital cities to begin their new lives as holy servants of their respective people. The story and tone of the game differ between the worlds, as do the landscapes and characters one encounters; however the basic linear progression is the same.


    Character customization

    The character creation system allows customization such as adjusting the height, weight and scale of various body parts. Different hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices can also be chosen. Further detailing can be found in the selection of eye shape and color, nose shape, ear size and shape and tattoos for the character's face and body.

    The game will allow a player to dye their equipment to change its color and to change the graphics of one weapon or armor to that of another that they have in their inventory. This allows a player to display equipment graphics of items which they find visually appealing, while benefiting from the actual stats of different weapons or armors. Players can only change the graphics of a piece of equipment to that of another piece of equipment of the same type.

    This adds another layer of customization (as it allows players to control the look of their avatar without sacrificing the better stats of an item that they find visually unappealing) and strategy to the game.

    Skill chains

    Many of the skills acquired as characters progress may only be performed in a certain order, or chain. Generally the skills located farther along in the chain are more powerful than those at the beginning, or those that have no prerequisite.

    PvPvE system

    The end game of Aion revolves around battles within the Abyss (PvP zone). Within the Abyss are fortresses which can be controlled by individual Legions (Aion equivalent of a guild). Battle for control of these castles involves combat against players of the opposing faction and computer controlled NPCs at the same time, using siege weapons obtained from end game PvE raid content. Legions in control of a castle are entitled to funding from taxes and players within the faction get specials from NPCs and discounts for travel and vendor items. The game currently does not allow factions to fight against those of their own race, except for casual duels or practice in the Arena.

    The participation in PvP is rewarded with Abyss Points in the game. The game ranks players as battles are won against fellow players based on their participation in the Abyss. At higher ranks the character's wings will change in appearance to show the character's elevated status. Also certain items can be purchased with these points such as high-end armor and weapons. This is referred to as the Abyss Rank system, and there can only be a limited number of high ranking players per server. The highest ranking players compete for the relatively few rank positions available. Abyss points are gained by killing other players in combat, and points are lost by being killed by another player. Higher points are awarded for a kill of a much higher ranked player than for killing an equal or lower ranked player.

    Aion Online (XBOX360) 256px-AionTTE


    There are four primary classes, and eight specialized classes in the game. Players start the game by choosing one of the four primary classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. After attaining level 9, the player must choose from two specialized classes associated with their chosen class. Warriors may become a Templar or a Gladiator; Mages may become a Sorcerer or Spirit Master; Scouts choose from Assassin or Ranger; and Priests from Cleric or a Chanter.


    Up to six players may form a group, to assist one another in battle, and share the benefits of victory. Certain areas are designed for group play and a group is required to enter some areas in the game. Up to four groups may form an Alliance for situations that call for greater force of numbers. Being a member of an Alliance restricts you the rewards received when a quest designed for single or group play is completed.


    The base process involves learning a particular form of crafting, of which there are six in Aion: weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, handicrafting, tailoring, alchemy, and cooking. Players can learn all six crafting professions, but can be an Expert in only two.

    Any item that can be crafted is actually composed of several individual components, or materials. The player can either learn which materials are needed for a particular item automatically or via purchase of the design. Generally these materials must be purchased from vendors or from other players, gathered out in the wild (via collection or extraction), crafted already, or morphed. Not everything can be crafted, however.


    There are many different aspects to flight in Aion, which plays a vital role in Travel, Combat, Quests, and Crafting. Flying is only permitted in certain areas, known as flight zones. Flight is limited to 60 seconds but can be increased with various armor, titles, and other items in-game.

    Aion Online (XBOX360) Aionwings


    in Aion you can enter Raids for level 25 - 55 , like at the first entrance in the level 25 "Nochsana Training Camp" you can only enter when your in a full group . then when you enter the raid you can see a huge bosses and Unbolivable Monsters to kill , and of course you will get alot of Nice Items to use from their Drops.

    Aion Online (XBOX360) 428px-Dungeon-fortress-aion-boss


    There are three type of quests in Aion: ordinary quests, campaign quests and Work Orders. Ordinary quests require the player to complete a task to receive a reward. Campaign quests are focused on story, and are crucial for player progression. Work Orders are used to increase skill in a chosen profession. Some quests are repeatable. Some quests, especially campaign quests, cannot be shared or abandoned.

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    Aion: The Tower of Eternity

    Developer(s) : Aion Team Development Dept

    Publisher(s) : NA NCsoft
    Europe NCsoft
    South Korea NCsoft

    Distributor(s : PlayNC under NCsoft and Shanda (China )

    Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows



    System requirements

    System Requirements Minimum: Pentium 4 2.8GHz, AMD Athlon 2800+; 1 GB RAM; GeForce 6600, Radeon X1550; Hard Drive 15GB; DirectX 9.0c(2008,6)


    Pentium Dual Core, AMD Athlon 64 X2; 2 GB RAM; GeForce 7600, Radeon HD 2600; Hard Drive 15GB; DirectX 9.0c(2008,6)

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