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    COD WaW Nazi [ZOMBIE] ISO file


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    COD WaW Nazi [ZOMBIE] ISO file Empty COD WaW Nazi [ZOMBIE] ISO file

    Post  Woods on Mon 18 Oct - 16:17


    1. Make sure that nothing is running in the background while downloading (use jdownloader) , extracting (latest winrar, if a .dvd file is not found run iso file in abgx360) and burning (at 2.4x speed preferably with verbatims, made in singapore).
    2. Always run games in abgx360 before burning, better safe than sorry.
    3. Remember GOTY and DLC discs do not verifiy.
    4. Do NOT request different hosts as uploaders work hard and they use whatever suits them best.
    5. Use common sense and dont forget to thank uploaders for their hard work either by a reply saying "thanks" or giving +rep (scale icon to the right of member's name) or even better do BOTH!
    6. Recommended download managers(Internet download manager, Jdownloader)

    Special Thanks to Xbox360 gamers staff.
    Credit- adminstrator

    Code:Password s2b4Premium Megaupload members 1 link download

    Nazi Madness full iso megaupload.com WCMJB3697 Download links for Nazi Madness

    Code:Nazi Madness part 1 megaupload.com EIM2QO5G

    Nazi Madness part 2 megaupload.com IXAUF64R
    Nazi Madness part 3 megaupload.com PNOO6BFU
    Nazi Madness part 4 megaupload.com CK5VQCRY
    Nazi Madness part 5 megaupload.com S0N2JF1D
    Nazi Madness part 6 megaupload.com 19OZ1KRK
    Nazi Madness part 7 megaupload.com B13DFSGR

    CPOY IT TO YOUR WEB ADRESS UP THERE > and then start Download it silent

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