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    i just downloaded and upped Dragon Ball Z raging blast 2 demo to MU, it takes time to upload and would appreciate some feedback.

    iv tested it on different consoles so i assure you its NOT console locked, and i downloaded this from PAL console.

    megaupload.com CJGYRTQR
    how to burn demo using ImgBurn

    (I did not write this tutorial so give credit to InsaneNutter from digiex)

    Step 1
    To get started you will need to download ImgBurn, this is a freeware disc image burning application which can be downloaded directly from or from The Official ImgBurn Website.

    ImgBurn supports all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7 (including all the 64-bit versions), If you use Wine it should also run on Linux.

    Step 2
    Once you have installed ImgBurn load it up and you should be presented with the screen as seen below, click write files / folders to disc.

    Step 3
    Now browse for a folder and click ok to add it to the disc, you can also add individual files if you wish.

    Step 4
    Now click the image at the bottom with the folder and disc icon, this will start the burn process.

    Step 5
    Now here is the important bit, especially when burning Xbox 360 Demos to disc, if you click yes the folder with all the files in will not be visible on the disc, if you click no the folder your burning will be visible when you look at the content of the disc.

    If you are burning a 360 demo click no, otherwise it’s up to you.

    Step 6
    As we never entered a name for the disc before we are been asked to enter one now, call the disc whatever you like, its only real purpose is to help you identify the disc when it is in your computer.

    That’s it, the disc will burn.

    I would personally burn files like this if I didn’t have access to Nero, I’ve often had compatibility problems with discs burned using the wizards in XP and Vista.


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